Session #5

Tuesday, August 3, 7 – 9 pm
Topic: “The New Black Studies”


The Black Power Movement hit its stride in the late 1960s and, led by black students and activist young people, found its way into American colleges and universities, black and white. Unprecedented numbers of black students enrolled in white colleges and universities for the first time, challenging the lack of black faculty and subject matter. What little they found in the curriculum mirrored the racist assumptions and attitudes of whites in American society. Black students’ and black faculty members’ demands for change gave birth to the Black Studies Movement. IBW was in the vanguard of this Movement. The New York Times branded the Institute the “Vatican of Black Studies” and anointed Vincent Harding its “Pope.”

This session assesses IBW’s role in promoting, informing and supporting the development of Black Studies with an emphasis on two seminal Black Studies conferences and a variety of publications and consultancies.


Video Introduction: “Black Power, Black History,” with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Panel discussion: “Black Studies in the Age of Black Power,” with panelists James Stewart, Abdul Alkalimat, Joyce Ladner, Susan Ross; moderated by Doug Davidson