Session #4

Tuesday, July 27, 7 – 9 pm
Topic: “Education for Liberation”

The closer we examine the education that our children are getting in today’s public schools, the more we recognize the stark inadequacies of that education. It demonstrates to us that black people must commit themselves to the development of a new education for the new times in which we live. Some of us carry on this creative task in independent schools. Most of us, however, have to challenge the public school systems where the vast majority of our children, our teachers, and our educational tax monies are.
This session will look at our goals in the struggle for a New Black Education. As an IBW Monthly Report said in August 1973, “The education of our children is our responsibility. We cannot place it in anyone else’s hands.”


Presentation: Bettina Love, pioneer in Abolitionist Teaching

Discussion: “Nurturing Creative Learners” with Tayari Jones; Charles Howard Candler; Barbara Jones, Mack Jones

Video Clips: Independent and home schooled experiences with Beth Owen, Pastry Chef, Savannah, Ga, Home School Graduate; Leslie Bray, Director, Kids Cultivators Network, New Orleans and Bermuda; and an interview with a New Orleans parent, her son, and his former teacher.