Session #3

Tuesday, July 20, 7 – 9 pm
Topic: “Remaking the Past to Make the Future: The New Black History”


Prior to the1960s, “Negro History” documented the victimization of black people, highlighted their roles in American history, celebrated black heroes and sheroes and challenged white American lies about their pasts, identities and characters. Missing from these approaches was an appreciation of the fact that black people were more than victims of, contributors to or participants in American history, but were active agents in making their own history.

IBW assumed a leadership role in the search for a New Black History, one dedicated to chronicling the origins of the black freedom struggle in America and creating a framework for understanding blacks’ roles as active agents in the making of their history. This program explores the evolution of Black History from the late 1960s to the present and its relevance to the future of Black America.


Reading: Excerpt from Vincent Harding’s “Beyond Chaos: Black History and the Search
For the New Land”

Panel Discussion: John Bracey, Pero Dagbovie, James West, Robert “Bobby” Hill and Jessica Marie Johnson; moderated by Howard Dodson